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Anonymous :  Do you happen to know the password to view Clavicola's page? I used to read it often and am disheartened to see she has password protected it.

I’m afraid I don’t. I rarely go on tumblr these days, but recently tried to find hers and couldn’t. If you do find out, please let me know. She was such a great inspiration!

Fire service say Glasgow School of Art has been saved | News | a-n

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The Mackintosh Building, Glasgow School of Art

More importantly can we just feel very sad for the GSofA right now… what a terrible thing to happen to such a building and all the students’ work :(

Had a lovely day in Sheffield but feeling sad and missing friends. I would like to get better soon but I don’t have the money to pay £1000+ to sort it out with a specialist. Ups and downs and round and rounds.

Sad about missing friends far away. And sad about missing friends close by. And sad about being ill. And sad about being on this horrible diet due to being ill (no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no potatoes, mostly no fruit, NO FUN). And feeling completely like a zombie going nowhere.

Also I received an offer from my Sheffield uni interview the other day and it was the craziest thing ever as the interviewee grilled the hell out of me and made it seem like getting a place was like walking through fire. But at least that’s one thing to be happy about. Now I’m sad about too many choices but I should probably be fucking grateful.

I am fucking grateful, I’m also ill, ugh.

Did I mention I’m ill.

Kill it with Kindness

Also forgot to mention I got to sit in court on Friday as note taker. Pretty embarrassing when the clients started asking me all these law related questions and I had to admit I did architecture. They probably just thought I was going to be drawing everywhere instead of taking notes. Anyway we ‘won’. And the barrister was young and hot, so double win really. Am I allowed to say that? Probably not.

Line. Fran.

tumblr tumblr it’s been a while…

I’m soon to go on a no sugar no grain diet to hopefully kick start getting rid of an illness I will have soon had for a year. I’ve finally had the chance to speak to someone who really knows their stuff and I might actually figure out what is wrong with me. It also turns out the underlying cause would have most probably triggered my depression. So I suppose I may have had this for longer than I had first thought.

Despite that, since that dark time in my life and picking myself up - things have just got better and better. I worked my ass off getting the experience and building up my portfolio, I got interviews and offers from top universities and I am COMPLETELY looking forward to starting my Masters this September.

This is for all those days I thought I wouldn’t make it, thought I wouldn’t get better, thought I had ruined my life.

I hadn’t.