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Compliments on a night out, pick three:
You have soft skin, you have big eyes/lips, you have cute cheeks

It’s been a long time since an ‘I’m going through a really hard time right now’ post. But this is an ‘I’m going through a really hard time right now’ post.

I am also indulging in a huge glass of milk and Birds tomato sausages in Birds bread rolls. Heaven. If you don’t know what Birds is, then you probably don’t live in Derbyshire. More fool you…more fool you…

BACK FROM ASIA. Japan was incredible. I went to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo. It was incredible. Did I mention it was incredible. I want to go back.

Now time to prepare my portfolio for interviews and work in a law firm whilst applying for further architecture placement. That is why I got up not long after 7am.


That was nice.

That was nice (I don’t even know if this is about me, I am just taking it anyway). Party when I’m back please.

An Update of Sorts

I feel I’ve used this title before.

Whenever I venture back to tumblr I can’t help but be confronted with the immaturity of my ex and his ex falling over one another’s words and it seems so foolish. I remember how I was once there and it makes me feel all shades of embarrassed. I probably won’t use tumblr much any more as I feel my voice has extended to other platforms that I find more manageable. I still visit the tumblrs I enjoy but I am far more interested in YouTube/Pinterest/Twitter these days. Sorry tumblr.

I am currently in Osaka, Japan and I am loving it here, it’s half midnight so I’m not really sure why I’m still up. It rained all day today.

I found out I got into a university I wanted, to do my Masters of Architecture, so I was and still am ecstatic about that. I keep reading about the ateliers and architecture school and city like a little geek, because I am. Since graduating I think my interest in architecture has increased about a hundred times, and Shanghai has helped me change a lot. I feel completely ready for this new part of my life.

I sound really boring but I think I would prefer to conceal a few up and coming things. I’ve never been one to be mysterious but I think I might work on the whole private/public thing.

However, let it be said, I am very excited for the future.

I never blog anymore because I’m super busy buuuuuut on Saturday I leave Shanghai and hop on a 2 day boat to Japan for a week and a half before hoooome. I am excited.

edit: also very sad to leave my life and friends/colleagues here :(

Two days ago I walked 6 towers and back of the treacherously steep and busy Great Wall and today I battled icy slopes through snow on a 45 minute walk to get to the Terracotta Army. Travelling in my family is never associated with relaxation. Tomorrow I am up at 6.30am to be on my third flight in about a week, I’m not complaining though, I’m a travel obsessive.


Picture: Rows of identical houses with a playground seen in the middle in the city of Jiangyin, China
© Kacper Kowalski, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, Source